Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

YAY!!!!  It’s that time of the year again!  For all of my Lilly girl out there Monday is the After Party Sale!!!  This year though they are mixing it up and adding 2 additional days that you can shop the discounted prices for!  If you shop the brand and love it as much as I do you know that Lilly never goes on sale except for the After Party Sale which they do twice a year!  One in January and the other one in August.  You’ll definitely find prints and dresses you’ve been eyeing for months in steep discount!  If a girl can snag a maxi dress for $99 valued at $298 you know I am there.  Items like this maxi dress can go as low as under $100 and tops that are $35!  Just remember though that items are final sale(nonreturnable) but shipping is free!!!  Below you can read some of my tips on how I beat the madness and ways on how I make sure I don’t miss out on particular styles and prints I’ve been eyeing.

Lilly also provided a facts area where you can read more in detail on what the After Party Sale is all about!  You can find more info here!

Lilly pulitzer after party sale

Lilly pulitzer after party sale


Sign up for an account stat!

Having an account allows you to check out faster so that you don’t loose the items in your cart!  An item is not yours until you checkout so make sure that your Credit Card information, shipping/billing addresses are all stored in your account before tomorrow!

No. 2

Filter!  Filter!  Filter!

Filter for your size (or if you’re buying for someone – their size).  It will save you a ton of time especially when you’re looking for a specific item.  This way you know what is still available in your size and so you’re not having to scroll through all the gorgeous shifts and prints that someone else snagged.

No. 3

Checkout so you don’t miss out!

Like I mentioned earlier, the items in your basket are not guaranteed to be yours until you head out to checkout.  This means that once you check out you will be placed on the back of the online que again.  So if you’re dying to have an item checkout and then come back again!

Lilly pulitzer after party sale


Set your alarm!

Seriously, if you really want to get in there quick before your hot item sells out!  You must set your alarm so you have plenty of time to get in the que line once they open the sale at 8AM!  Im hoping to be ready so that I can quickly preview the sale and hopefully be out of the virtual line/store quickly!

No. 5

Think about your wardrobe and budget

I must admit its such a temptation to just start putting things in your cart and buy EVERYTHING!  But really think about the key pieces that will enhance your wardrobe and what you’re missing.  I’ve been carried away a few times by the Lilly Bug that its so easy to go off the budget but one must resist temptation!


Patience is the key!

Remember since there are so many Lilly Loving Girls out there that the website usually crashes!  So be patient and take a deep breath since this year you will have an additional 2 days to shop the sale unlike the one day from previous years! This year the sale will start on Monday August 28 at 8 AM until Wednesday  August 30 at 11:59 PM!

lilly pulitzer after party sale

after party sale

I am super excited for Monday!  Although because Ill be traveling on Monday I am hoping to snag a few items and that I am not on the que for too long!  Some stores are having a PreParty Sales on Sunday though so I am debating heading to KOP for the day to check out the items and see if there’s anything I’d like to add to my collection!  Crossing double fingers that that Monday will be just as bright and colorful as years past!

Below you’ll find some Lilly that I am currently loving.

Are you shopping the Lilly Sale?  What items are you coveting?

love from Pennsylvania,


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