Winter Feast

Winter Feast Yesterday, my friend Bethany and I hosted a winter feast for our Global Gourmet Club and we certainly filled ourselves and our guests with delicious food.  It was a great time getting to spend it with friends! We decided on a winter feast with heavy appetizers, delicious winter green salad, soups, and decadent desserts.  It … Continue Reading

2016 Style Folio Edit

2016 Style Folio Edit 2016 is the year of many changes, firsts and the beginning of the style folio!  I figured it would be fun to put together this style edit  and look back at the looks I’ve posted since the beginnings of my little humble style blog!  So here is the recap!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning Now that Christmas is behind us and the New Year is just a few days away I wanted to quickly share a few snippets from our Christmas morning.

Plaid Christmas Tree

Plaid Christmas Tree! Today, I am sharing more photos of our Christmas Tree this year!  I normally put more than one Christmas tree every year but with us living in smaller quarters plus with the rest of my Christmas decorations all in our mini barn in our home in North Carolina I decided to do only … Continue Reading

Simple Foyer Decor

This week, I am sharing with you a simple foyer decor.  This is the first thing our family and friends see as soon as they open the door along with our lovely Khloe.  This set up has been the same from our last 3 moves with some variations.  The foyer really sets the tone for our … Continue Reading

Makeup Brush Holder

I love makeup just like any other girl out there.  There are days when I actually have the time to just sit there and play with makeup but most often than not its me trying to quickly put on my “makeup face” so that I can head out the door.  It really drives me insane … Continue Reading

Lancaster Pennsylvania Amish Country Tour

Last week, the Carlisle Barracks Touristas went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to do the Amish Country Tour!  It was a lot of fun and definitely quite an adventure despite the weather.  We did the buggy tour and got to check out a couple of cute stores at the Kettle Kitchen.  I definitely found my spirit animal … Continue Reading

How to Make Your Not so Traditional Fall Wreath

Every year I really try to create a wreath for our door as the season changes.  This year, I really had no idea what I would create and no inspiration.  The only thing I had in mind when walking into Michaels is that I need to come out with something to make a wreath with. … Continue Reading