Feeling Pink

Feeling Pink A couple of weeks ago the DH and I went to a military ball as part of his year being here in the Army War College.  Even though we’ve attended and hosted several of these balls the last couple of years getting dressed up and seeing my handsome husband in his dress mess uniform … Continue Reading

Pink Bows And Modern Calligraphy Workshop

  Pink Bows & Modern Calligraphy Workshop Hi everyone!  Today I am sharing with you this outfit and a glimpse at the Modern Calligraphy Workshop I hosted at PressedNC a couple of weeks ago.  Asides from sharing with you outfit inspirations, I also love sharing my passion for modern calligraphy!  This medium of art is … Continue Reading

16 Things I’ve learned in 2016

16 Things I’ve learned in 2016 No. 1 Family is Everything I felt this even more this year especially with DH and I moving to Central PA and the boys off to their own adventures.  Time with them has been far and in between and our house has been quieter than normal.  Its been nice … Continue Reading

2016 Style Folio Edit

2016 Style Folio Edit 2016 is the year of many changes, firsts and the beginning of the style folio!  I figured it would be fun to put together this style edit  and look back at the looks I’ve posted since the beginnings of my little humble style blog!  So here is the recap!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning Now that Christmas is behind us and the New Year is just a few days away I wanted to quickly share a few snippets from our Christmas morning.

A Merriest Christmas

A Merriest Christmas Despite being on a work hiatus away from the blog world I wanted to do this quick post and share our 2016 Merriest Christmas day!  I’ve been so blessed with so many great things and this year is no different!  DH and I moved to PA from NC so that he can … Continue Reading

Simple Foyer Decor

This week, I am sharing with you a simple foyer decor.  This is the first thing our family and friends see as soon as they open the door along with our lovely Khloe.  This set up has been the same from our last 3 moves with some variations.  The foyer really sets the tone for our … Continue Reading

Lancaster Pennsylvania Amish Country Tour

Last week, the Carlisle Barracks Touristas went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to do the Amish Country Tour!  It was a lot of fun and definitely quite an adventure despite the weather.  We did the buggy tour and got to check out a couple of cute stores at the Kettle Kitchen.  I definitely found my spirit animal … Continue Reading

Military Spouses are Magical

Volunteerism is in my DNA.  I’ve always enjoyed being able to freely give my time and effort to make the community a better place to live in whether its taking the role of the FRG Advisor, Auction Chair or being a helper in the Santa’s Castle (in Ft. Benning).  I’ve always had the passion to … Continue Reading

Hello There!

Welcome to The Style Folio! The Style Folio is a personal blog and an extension of my Rika King Design site!  This is where I share with you my love of style, fashion, do it your own projects, travel and all things stylish! I hope to share with you some outfit ideas in all sorts … Continue Reading